Commonwealth Figure Skating Club


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Commonwealth Figure Skating Club ("CFSC") was originally incorporated on November 10, 1938. The club was reincorporated on October 15, 1980. CFSC has been a Member of United States Figure Skating Association since 1938.

The mission of CFSC is to encourage the instruction, practice and advancement of its members in moves in the field, free skating, pair skating, dancing, synchronized skating, basic skills and all types of figure skating, to encourage and cultivate a sprit of camaraderie among ice skaters, to sponsor, to produce or cooperate in the production of figure skating competitions, exhibitions or shows, and generally to perform such other acts as may be necessary, advisable and proper or incidental to the realization of the objects and purposes of CFSC, and to carry out the general policies of the United States Figure Skating Association.

CFSC is a Section 501(c )(3) Massachusetts nonprofit corporation.

Commonwealth Figure Skating Club

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