Test Session: May 19, 2023 VIRTUAL

submit by May 15, 2023

Entry form via google forms link below

It is important to carefully follow the instructions below to ensure your video meets entry criteria

Video Check List
● Is the video shot at 1080p60 or a minimum of 720p60
● Have I put airplane mode on phone?
● Is your camera set to “most compatible’***
● Am I using the camera in landscape mode?
● Is my camera lens clean?
● Do I have enough space on my camera?
● Did I Announce the skater and test being performed or hold up a copy of the test
paper prior to the start of the test?
● Did I show a date and time stamp at the beginning of the video? (you can hold up
another phone is your video within the 30 day window from date of test?)
● Is the music loud enough?
● Did I record audio so judges can hear edges?
● Can judges can clearly make out the skater’s expression and feet while the
skater is testing?
● Did I keep the skater head to toe in the center of the screen (i.e. the frame)
during the entire performance?
● Did I keep the frame clear of other skaters?
● Is my video stable – not jittery? (tripods help!)
● Did the videographer stand center ice with the camera elevated above the
boards to capture all corners of the rink?
***most compatible: go to settings/camera/formats and then choose “most compatible”
under camera settings instead of “high efficiency” when recording the test. This will
make the file most compatible for sharing.

Video Submission Video Format: MP4 files work best Videos for test submission may not be taped more than 30 days prior to test session date

Upload Location
● Videos should be uploaded to the skater’s video sharing platform of choice
(Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive, etc.).
● Skaters will provide a link to the video when submitting their registration
● Video sharing settings should be set to allow anyone with the link to view and

If a judge or test chair does not feel the video is of sufficient quality to evaluate the skater we will not evaluate the test on this session.


Registration is due May 15, 2023